Remix Casuals Apparel

Not only do we have some of the hottest streatwear brands from all over the world, including Stussy, Carhartt, HUF, NikeSB, Polar Skate Co, we also have a range of Remix Apparel available on our website and in our store. We have created a classic rose symbol and incorporated it with a streatwear design to…


Mini Ramp Mondays

After Years of it being a myth, Remix Skate Store has its very own mini ramp. As whippy as it may be, the basement of our streetwear shop has what is described as the most dangerously perfect skate ramp. We will soon be holding sessions on Monday evenings for the more experienced of skateboarders.

The Adidas Skateboarding Collection

The Adidas Skateboarding Collection at Remix Blackburn Inspired by Los Angeles’ iconic and influential skate scene, Adidas Skateboarding offers a fresh take on classic silhouettes redesigned with skate specific features. When you put one of the worlds top brands together with skateboarding, you get a collection of clothing and footwear that towers over in most…



Magenta is an independent skateboarder owned and run company, it is a collaborative business venture between brothers Vivien and Jean Feil, alongside Soy Panday who is in charge of Magenta’s art direction. Through their worldwide connections, Magentas crew consists of Vivien, Soy, Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, Zach Lyons, Ben Gore, Glen Fox and numerous other…


Olympic Skateboarding Tokyo 2020

So just recently the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have voted to introduce skateboarding into the olympic games for Tokyo 2020. There has been a huge negative reaction online from people saying they preferred skateboarding not to be mainstream and competition isn’t what attracted them to skateboarding in the first place. People have also showed concern…